Friday, 28 August 2015

Scubapro Chromis Multi Sport Computer

Scubapro are living up to their usual level of excellence with their Chromis multi-sport computer.  Designed to be a wrist dive computer the Chromis is a true sports computer with a lightweight housing and a range of colourful options.  The Chromis is perfectly happy at 30m on 32% EANx, in the pool counting strokes and distance or on a cliff with it’s built in altimeter.

Dive Chromis

The Chromis comes with Scubapro’s core dive features with a new crisp display that has a new font exclusively designed for the Chromis which is easy to read even at depth.  In the water you have a full-featured deco computer with Nitrox, Gauge and Apnea mode to dive on air/nitrox, act as a simple gauge or to freedive without decompression obligations.  Scubapro’s MicroBubble feature lets you choose from five levels of conservatism that will suggest a more conservative dive profile or you can choose to stay deeper and the Chromis will adjust accordingly without penalising.

Swim Chromis

On the surface you can set the Chromis to count the number of strokes as you swim and you can calibrate it to work out your distance traveled in the water.

Climb Chromis

The built in Altimeter, Thermometer, Stopwatch, Dual-Time, Alarm and full time features make the Chromis useful in and out of the water and the light weight, low profile housing is perfect for the sportsman who does more than just dive.

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